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Cecilia Franchini

Cecilia Franchini graduated with honors in piano at just 17 years of age at the Conservatoire C. Pollini in Padova with M. Mingardo. Further studies with V. Pavarana, A. Lonquich (Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento of Saluzzo) and in 1996 she obtained a Konzert Diplom at the Musik-Akadamie der Stadt in Basilea under the teaching of P.Efler. She has mastered at the Scuola Superiore di Musica da Camera ‘Trio di Trieste’, and subsequently with P.Masi at the Accademia Pianistica of Imola, receiving a special mention of merit.

Chamber music has always been a central part of her musical life, initially in piano trio and in duo with her siblings and subsequently with wind instruments and voice. Invited to perform in Italy and abroad, she has participated in festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Australia, South-America, Kazakhstan and has recorded for the National Television, Radio Vaticana and private radio broadcasts.

Her interest and openness towards other cultural environments lead her to found in Venice the Simultaneo Ensemble, a contemporary chamber music laboratory  created in 2003 for the study, performance and appraisal of this particular Venetian, Italian and international repertoire. Simultaneo Ensemble premiered at Saltzburg Mozarteum and carried out different projects, monographs from Messiaen (2005), Dalla Vecchia (2010), ''Note Venete'' (2011), Debussy (2012), Britten, Hindemith and Poulenc (2013), ''In principio era il Lied'' (2014), ''Le metamorfosi della Musica Russa'' (2015) to “La musica nella Grande Guerra” (2016).

Nowadays the Simultaneo Ensemble projects merged under the patronage of the CCVEN (Consorzio tra i Conservatori del Veneto) involving teachers and students from the seven Music Academies of the Veneto region.

Actually she plays with her brother Raffaele, solo cello at the Niederrheinischen Sinfoniker of

Germany, and with her sister Stefania, violinist and string chamber music teachers at Pescara Music Conservatory as Duo Franchini and Trio Franchini, focusing on the research of Italian repertoire for piano trio and duo.

After taking a public examination she became the youngest Italian Chamber Music Conservatoire teacher, at the age of 23 and has been professor of Chamber Music at the Conservatoire ‘B. Marcello’ in Venice since 1996.

She was president of ‘Music of the Body’ until 2011, association of bodily expression founded with S. Martinet, to promote and develop the method based on Dalcroze studies, addressed to musicians, teachers and artists.

In 2010 she graduated with honors in a postgraduate programme in Music Therapy at Verona Conservatoire.

She has given workshops on “Sound and Body", including the Klangschale Therapie of Peter Hess® at Venice, Verona and Padova Conservatories, as well as for different schools and associations, and recently she was invited in France (Aix en Provence), at the DIT of Dublin and at the J. Haydn Konservatorium of Eisenstadt.

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